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Case study

Transfering the Mortgage Loans pays off?

Pedro (fictitious name) made a Mortgage Loan worth 278,000€. When he got the credit, a term of 38 years and a rate of 5.562% were stipulated, which resulted in a monthly rent of 1467,41€..

At the beginning of 2023, Pedro contacted GO Crédito to understand how he could lower this value and live more financially comfortably.

With our help, Pedro reduced not only 8 years of loan, but also €176,040 in fees, now having a monthly rent of 1293,78€..

Now Pedro can save 171,63€ every month!


Initial value of the montly rent


Current value of the montly rent


Saving per year

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They have trusted in
GO Crédito

João was very helpful and communicative. He had a lot of patience to all of my questions, and I had a lot of them. He understood well the procedure for foreigners and helped me understand the mortgage system in Portugal. He understood quickly what was important for me and offered me all the options relevant to me. João hás a great English, for those of us who doesn't speak Portuguese well enough. I highly recommend him.
I am very satisfied with the service I received from João at Go Credito. Everything was sorted with little need for me to be involved. I would recommend them.
Recomendo a Go crédito e a sua colaboradora Antonina a 100%. Foi uma pessoa incansável na ajuda que nos prestou ao longo de todo o processo. Sem ela teria sido tudo bem mais difícil de se concretizar, devido a toda a burocracia envolvida, ela facilitou imenso e esclareceu sempre todas as nossas dúvidas. Contratem a go crédito vão estar em boas mãos.
Recomendo a 100%! A Joana Teixeira foi incrível comigo. Ajudou, esclareceu e acalmou-me indicando todos os caminhos e vantagens em cada escolha. Uma equipa super prestável com um agradecimento especial à Joana por se tornar uma peça fundamental na escolha que hoje sei que foi a mais acertada. Obrigada!
Recomendo o serviço, procuraram resolver sempre os obstáculos com muita disponibilidade e amabilidade para fazer de todo o processo mais simples e eficaz. Especialmente todos os contatos com a Mariana Novais, que fez todo o processo resultar o melhor possível.

Frequently Asked Questions

Credit intermediation is a service that connects people or companies seeking credit from financial institutions, facilitating the process of obtaining loans or financing with more favorable conditions.
When using credit intermediation you will have access to a variety of credit options, competitive rates and specialized guidance to find the best solution for your financial needs.
Yes, we work with regulated financial institutions and respect the security and privacy standards of our customers' data.
The credit intermediation service is free for the client, as we receive commissions from the financial institutions we work with.
Our experts will analyze your financial profile to determine your eligibility and find the best options.
If your name is registered at Banco de Portugal for payment failure, you will have to regularize this situation before you can request a new loan.
Our experts have extensive knowledge of the market and will compare rates from various financial institutions to ensure you get the best possible terms.
Our experts can analyze credit denial and help you understand the reasons. In some cases, we can look for other options that suit your profile.

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