5 Advantages of hiring a Credit Intermediary

Are you starting the process of purchasing or building a house but don't know exactly which credit is best for you? This is a good time to contact a credit intermediary!

Still, there are many doubts about why to hire a credit intermediary. Today, we are going to dispel those same doubts and explain to you all the advantages you can have when contacting credit this way.

1. A credit intermediary works with most banks and insurance companies, thus bringing together proposals from across the market.

Basically, we do all the research work and establish communication with banks so that we can present you with different proposals, so that you can then choose the one that best suits you.

2. Because we know the limits of each bank, we have greater negotiating power and a business volume that gives us the strength to negotiate with banks.

This is one of the secrets that often means we get much more attractive proposals than customers, going to precisely the same bank and with the same conditions.

3. By working closely with banks, we are able to guarantee greater speed in the process.

This proves to be fundamental when moving forward with the purchase of a home. After all, if you can move as soon as possible, isn't that much better?

4. It's free! We, professionals in this field, are paid by banks and never by our client.

A very common question from our customers and it is as clear as this: banks pay us a commission for each customer we manage to acquire, and for this reason, the customer does not have to pay absolutely anything.

5. Credit intermediaries are certified and audited by Banco de Portugal, having to comply with demanding levels of service quality to remain in the market.

It is therefore a reliable, rigorous and transparent service, which, for you, only has advantages.

Now that you know more about our work and the advantages of working with us, contact us so that we can analyze your case and guarantee the most advantageous conditions for your credit.

Go Crédito

GO Crédito is a company specialized in credit intermediation, authorized and supervised by the Bank of Portugal. We provide credit intermediation and consultancy services quickly and effectively.