Credit Consulting and Intermediation

Based in Guimarães, we work on various types of credit, even though we are
specialists in Mortgage Loans.

Our team of experts work to guarantee that you can get the
best conditions possible
, namely regarding the transfer
of loans, to clients from all over the world.

The best of all? Our services are completely free, allowing
you to reach your financial goals with no worries.


At GO Crédito we want to be recognized as the main reference in intermediation of credit and financial consultancy, offering solutions that are adapted to your personal needs and helping you reach your goals.


Our mission is clear: to provide excellent credit intermediation services, establishing solid partnerships with financial institutions, in order to ensure our customers have access to the best credit options available in the market.



We believe in the importance of honest communication, ensuring our customers understand their financial options.


We maintain the highest ethical standards, ensuring that our clients' interests always come first.


We embrace innovation as a way to continually improve our processes and services.

Your montly mortgage loan went up?

Our team of experienced professionals will work to find the best solution
for you, so that you can transfer your mortgage loan at no additional cost.