Discover Subsidized Loan: A special option for those who need it

Did you know that there is a special House Loan option for people with a degree of disability equal to or greater than 60%?

The Subsidized Loan is intended for people over the age of 18 and with a declared disability of more than 60% and includes a reduced interest rate, calculated as follows:

Reference Rate for Calculating Bonuses (65% x Taxa de Referência do BCE)

After all, the customer bears 65% of the fee and the remaining 35% is borne by the State. This rate is fixed every six months and only changes when the BCE updates its Reference Rate, not following the usual Euribor.

In these cases there is also no spread to consider, which makes this credit one of the best options on the market.

Still, it's important to highlight that this type of financing is only intended for the purchase of permanent house (including land, individual garage or parking in a collective garage) or to carry out conservation or improvement works on the property.

Regarding to the maximum amount of financing, this was recently updated based on the consumer price index to 228 127,27€, with a 10% entry in equity, the latter part similarly to what happens with other House Loans.

There are also other issues that you should take into account before proceeding with this type of credit, namely:

  • You are not allowed to sell the house in within 5 years unless for reasons of unemployment, death of the owner, change in the size of the household or professional mobility;
  • No member of your household may have another credit under a subsidized regime;
  • The property purchased must be for permanent housing and not for ascendants or descendants.

If you meet the conditions to access subsidized loan and wish to proceed with the request, we leave you with some recommendations that could help you in the process:

  • Gather all documentation so that the process doesn't delay due to lack of documentation;

  • Have a stable job with a regular income;

  • Make sure you have a clean name at Banco de Portugal and that you have no negative history.

On the other hand, if you already had a House Loan but now have a level of disability equal to or greater than 60%, know that the law is on your side and allows you to change the regime of your already contracted credit, simply by submitting an application to your bank.

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