Tips to save money in 2024

2024 has just started and that means you have 12 months full of oportunities to start saving.

If you're not sure what to do or where to start, this post comes in handy! If you want to reach a better financial status, this is the moment to start making some changes in your daily life.

Having control over our earnings and our expenses is one of the main and most important factors, but there is more:

1. Make a financial diagnosis:

Prepare your annual budget with the usual expenses such as rent, food, expenses related to the car or your children, if applicable. Separate all the values into categories (e.g.: house, car, children, etc.) and do a little exercise: what in here is not that essential? The points you consider here, you should cross them off your list for this year.

2. Prepare an emergency fund:

Bad things don't just happen to others and that's why you have to be prepared if bad luck knocks on your door. Whether it's a car breakdown, a water leak at home or a sudden illness, it's important that you have a working fund (ideally six months' worth of the amount you need for your mandatory monthly expenses) so you can draw on it if necessary.

3. Establish goals and objectives:

Commit to saving X amount monthly. You can start at a lower value and gradually increase it! The important thing is that you make this commitment and that, as soon as the salary arrives in your account, you transfer the defined amount to a savings account so that you no longer touch it.

4. Learn to say "no":

We all like to eat out, go to the movies and shop at the mall, but the monthly budget doesn't always allow so many activities. Of course, don't always deprive yourself of having fun, but know how to say no when people invite you, one week after another, to social events.

5. Review the conditions of your Home Credit:

The house loan corresponds to a very large slice of the monthly fixed expenses pie. What if we told you that you may be paying a higher mortgage and that you can lower it? Renegotiating your House Loan conditions or even transferring it to a different bank could be the secret to seeing your monthly payment reduced. Contact us so we can analyze your case for free and find the best option for you!

Small attitudes that can make a big difference in your total budget and help you reach the end of the year with interesting savings. 

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