Black Friday: Avoid being scammed and know how you can save money

Two weeks until one of the most anticipated days of the year: Black Friday! The day that has been gaining more prominence over the years brings great discounts and real finds… But also some scams and disappointments!

The true “not everything is what it seems” often leads us to fall into deception and allow ourselves to be carried away by apparently attractive promotions when, in fact, they are nothing more than little tricks from the brands.

Today we leave you some tips so you can take advantage of this Black Friday to buy what you need, without being scammed!

  • Make a list of what you really need to buy;
  • Search for those products and write down the current prices so that on Black Friday you can compare them – there are brands/stores that increase prices a few days before Black Friday and then simulate a discount, leaving the final price more expensive than the original price;
  • Estimate your budget and set the amount of money you intend to spendto avoid impulse purchases;
  • Don't believe in super low pricessuch as smartphones at prices below the normal purchase price, as this could be a scam;
  • Confirme que os valores que aparecem no carrinho são os mesmos que estão anunciados para não ser enganado no momento de concluir a compra;
  • Before you buy, make sure you are informed of the store's exchange and returns policy to avoid unpleasantness such as impossibility of exchange or non-refund of money in case of return;
  • Be careful about how you make payments – make sure you're shopping in safe and secure websites and preferably choose payment methods such as payment on delivery, entity and reference, mbway or bank transfer. If you have to enter your bank card information, you can always choose to create a temporary card in your bank's app, to prevent your card from being cloned.

Simple tips at first, but they can not only save you a few euros but also find real goodies when shopping during Black Friday. 

Go Crédito

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