These tips will help you get your House Loan approved

When you apply for a House Loan, the Bank must assess the risk involved in granting you the loan. Depending on the result of this analysis, your financing may or may not be approved.

We know that this process can be stressful and exhausting, so today we leave you with some tips that can increase the likelihood of approval for your House Loan:

1. Give a higher down payment than the minimum required by the Bank

This shows that you have an above-average saving capacity and may result in a decrease in the amount of approved financing.

2. Professional stability is valued

Being effective is important. Although even with other types of contracts credit can be approved, effective contracts are preferred.

3. High average balances are seen as positive by the Bank

Maintaining an impeccable account indicates good control over your finances and reduces the risk of default. Furthermore, accounts without traces in online betting are also well regarded as it indicates that there is no addiction to gambling.

4. Have savings or investments in the same bank where you apply for loan

This can be beneficial for you as it demonstrates a solid relationship with the Bank.

5. Make sure you have a good credit history

Car, personal loan or credit cards. Exemplary compliance with previous financial obligations gives confidence to banking entities.

6. Ideally have an effort rate of less than 25%

A low effort rate is synonymous with greater capacity to bear the costs of the loan you are about to take out.

7. Make sure you are analyzing the best proposals

Your credit approval also depends on the proposal presented to you. To make sure you have access to the best options on the market, contact us. We will analyze your situation and present you with the proposals that best suit your reality!

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