Don't let Christmas be an excuse for excessive shopping

Christmas is coming and are you already counting on the gifts you have to buy?

This time of year doesn't have to be synonymous with uncontrolled expenses. Buying Christmas gifts can (and should) be done consciously, to prevent your wallet from suffering more than it actually can.

To help you in this process, we leave you with some tips that will help you control your expenses and avoid wasting so much money. 

  1. Set a budget that you can spend on christmas gifts so you know how far you can go;
  2. Make a list of people of who you have to give gifts to and stick to it;
  3. Divide the total budget available for the number of gifts so you know how much you can spend on each one;
  4. Don't leave everything for the last minute as in these cases you tend to always spend much more than you were supposed to;
  5. Make conscious shopping. Make sure you only buy useful things and that you're not just waisting your money;
  6. If possible, buy things in groups. This means that you won't spend so much money and that you can still give gifts to those you love most;
  7. Compare prices. When you see something you like, search for that product in other websites or stores as you can find the same article with a lower price;
  8. Try hard to stick to your initial budget. If you can't give a 100€ gift, give a 20€ gift. What counts is the intention and we're sure whoever receives it will be equally happy!

Now that you have a checklist to follow, you can start making your purchases more carefully and consciously, to ensure that you have an equally happy Christmas, but within your means!

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